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The Local Medical Committee is a membership organisation which exists to provide support, to inform and to represent its members. The Support Committee is a sub-committee of the LMC and it usually meets quarterly.

LMC offers

The scope of support may include

Access to support may be

Support issues will not be discussed in open LMC meetings unless the GP being supported has given consent.  Exceptionally, regardless of consent, matters of process may have to be shared with the LMC in extreme situations e.g. if the LMC is threatened by legal action.

Performance Procedures:

A major aspect of the Support Group’s work is to provide support for GPs in difficulty and in particular for those GPs who may find themselves subject to a Performance Review by NHSE. This might arise from a patient or colleague complaint or even as a result of an issue highlighted during a CQC inspection. The role of a support group member in Performance issues is as a ‘trusted friend’ – we cannot be experts but should be able to guide colleagues as to how they can navigate the Performance Procedures (PAG and PLDP). Performance Procedures can be intimidating and so early support from LMC from the start of the process would be advisable. If a doctor would like support, the LMC office should be contacted in the first instance and then the office administrator will direct the doctor to make an initial contact with their chosen Support Group member. Strict confidentiality is respected and no details would be disclosed without the doctor’s consent.

The Performance Procedures are governed by National Regulations for the two committees (PAG and PDLP). Any GP who is undergoing Performance Procedures should familiarise themselves with these regulations and ensure that the correct process is being followed by NHSE locally.

In summary:

We hope that you will feel able to contact us if you are struggling with any of the issues mentioned above. We can provide a listening ear, some mentoring and also some knowledge of other resources to which we may be able to direct you. If we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can.

Please contact the Chair of the Support Group for more information if required, currently Dr Gillian Francis, mobile 07845 560050.

Please find links below with information from NHS England and CMRH regarding available help to support the welfare and wellness of colleagues and their practices.