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Local Medical Committee (LMC) is an independent, statutory and self-financing body recognised by successive Acts of Parliaments, as the body with both statutory and non-statutory roles in representing, advising and supporting General Practitioners (GPs) and their practices within an identified area. It works closely with the General Practice Committee (GPC) of British Medical Association to influence decisions relating to delivery of NHS services by GPs and their practices.

Wirral LMC is an organisation whose existence predates the establishment of the National Health Service and we remain committed to the main functions of LMC which are to represent, inform and support all of our Wirral General Practitioners and their practices.

In the sections above you will find details of how to contact Wirral LMC, the agenda for the next meeting and minutes of the previous meeting once they have been approved. Furthermore, there is a list of Wirral LMC Officers and Members plus details of other activities Wirral LMC has been involved with.

We hope you will find this website interesting and informative.

Dr Abel Adegoke
Honorary Secretary
December 2019